Our Fabulous February in Florida ❤️

Back in February, My girls, My friend Letitia and I were invited to Florida for an amazing week of Thrills & Chills!  To say our time in the various parks and attractions was phenomenal, is an absolute understatement! We really did have a blast!

As a mum to a 16 & 11 year old, it can be quite difficult to tailor-make a holiday where we're all enjoying everything we do, Visit Florida provided us with a holiday that did just that.

We had a car from Hertz to get around in, which was so easy to do, I do love driving abroard, especially when it's on the other side of the road, that's a thrill in itself! #HertzTrip

We stayed at a gorgeous hotel called Rosen Shingle Creek, which provided much needed relaxation at the end of our crazy days! With a variety of pools and nature trails to choose from, including an on site ice-cream parlour, we were pretty much in heaven!

The holiday itself involved a lot of water, My daughters and I are sun-worshipping water babies, so this was right up our street! 

We began our trip by visiting the all inclusive (yes - even the cocktails!) one-day resort that is Discovery Cove. Here we had the amazing opportunity to meet and greet dolphins, feed birds, and a hang out with a gorgeous anteater called Cyman. What I loved most about this resort (apart from the cocktails 😜), was the fact that they welcomed my youngest daughter's tricky questions. Tiani in particular, is a bit of an animal lover, and was very interested in hearing about the health & welfare of the animals we encountered. I love that at no point was she ever fobbed off, and if anything we were all left extensively informed and reassured. This attitude and ethos is something I discovered to be a running theme at all of the attractions we visited with animals on site. No question was ever out of bounds. 

We also had the most fabulous time snorkelling in Discovery Cove's Grand reef, complete with tropical fish and huge stingrays. The girls were initially hesitant, but the environment allowed them to take their time and explore at their own pace, eventually resulting in them becoming reminiscent of The little Mermaid! They loved it!


On Day two, we went to one of the most exciting waterparks we've ever been to, Aquatica, here we began our visit with the scariest ride of them all, Ihu's Breakaway Falls, I won't lie, it took me at least half an hour to actually take the plunge. The falls is an attraction made up of several tubal water slides, where you stand on an enclosed platform, and the floor completely disappears underneath you after a three second warning - oh and did i mention you are dropped from a height of 80 feet? No? Really? How could I possibly forget that little detail?? I'm not going to lie and say it wasn't that bad, it was as bad as I'd anticipated, completely terrifying in fact. But. Gushing out the other end of a slide where half way through you'd imagined it to be where it'd all end, is actually a pretty great feeling, no. Scratch that. Pretty great is no where near an adequate description, you feel like an absolute badass. You then proceed to walk around the park with your head held high and you scoff at every other slide that would have otherwise petrified you as you throw yourself down them with abandon. Aquatica was amazing. 


We then spent a day at the world's premier marine park, Sea World. Here we visited the penguin habitat, and got a tour around the marine conservation installation. This was fascinating, as our brilliant tour guide, Ted, answered every single question we had. To be so up close & personal with the animals was a real treat. Tiani was in her element, Ted had his work cut out with her 😂! Again, he loved that she was so interested in his stories of rescues, conservation and research. He suggested Tiani may like to become a marine biologist!

We had the most amazing day at our final park, the not so water-filled, but still ever-so-fun, Busch Gardens. This is where Téja came into her element, she's the crazy thrill seeker of the family, the higher/scarier/loopier the better as far as she's concerned. Téja insisted that not only she, but I also rode EVERY. SINGLE. RIDE. Please do feel free to laugh at Mine, Tiani & Letitia's horrified faces alongside Téja's smiley, happy one, she's something else. That being said, an enjoyable day was had by all! Again, there's an element of badassery (yes, it is a word!) associated with riding scary rides such as Montu, Cobra's Curse and Falcon's Fury 😎 I'm so glad we got to experience them as a family. We also fed giraffes, went on a safari and got to hang out with and feed a real life sloth! A really great day out!


As you can well imagine, each day was well worth it, but quite exhausting, and I ended most days catching a little cat-nap, like the one below, wherever possible 😂😂😂

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