Five Things to Consider Before Doing the Big Chop

Jamelia Big Chop


Preparation Is Key


When it comes to the big chop knowledge is power. As I mentioned in episode 1 of my Afro Hair Series,  I didn't adequately prepare for my big chop and thus,  ended up in a place of uncertainty and regret. I urge you to do your research before taking this big step.  Watch YouTube videos, read books & articles, look into products & necessary tools, also find afrolista's online and in real life. All of these things I've done, but after the fact. There is a wealth of knowledge out there just waiting to be discovered. It's actually one of my favourite parts of my journey!


Your Routine Will Change


One of the biggest things to prepare for is the change in your hair routine.  You won't be using the same hair products, you may even make your own like I do! Sometimes you'll prep hairstyles from the night before, and some mornings you'll opt for an ultra-low maintenance wash & go, getting an extra half an hour in bed!  Wash day is called wash DAY for a reason, but you could rock the same protective style for a week straight without the need to refresh it.  


You’re Going to Need Patience


When I did my big chop I remember having the crazy belief that I'd resemble my favourite natural hair blogger within a few weeks. LO Flippn' L! I still don't look like her, I also no longer want to. When it comes to our hair, we have to have patience, patience with your learning, hair growth, and your natural hair skills. Trust me, I've had some disasters, but I've persevered and always maintained a feeling of patient self-love. 


You May Be Surprised by Your Texture


Another surprise for me was finding out the texture of my hair, or should I say textureS!! You won't know the exact texture of your hair until you do the Big Chop, and this is when a huge part of the self-discovery happens, as you get to know what products, styles and regime work for you. Getting to know your new texture can seem daunting at first, but just remember that all of this is new and a learning process. Also, that it is this knowledge that will lead you to your afro hair goals! 


A Whole New You

One thing I was prepared for, was personal growth. There is something about embracing your God-given attributes that just empowers and elevates your sense of self. I am so much more confident as an afrolista than I was with relaxed hair. Not only because of my self-love, but the love from the afro hair community too. We stop each other in the street and shower each other with compliments, we comment online and aim to encourage and provide kinship. It's truly beautiful, and possibly my favourite part of my big chop experience. I aim to continue to be a positive part of that movement and encourage you to do the same!

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