My Afro Hair Series

Today Is the relaunch of my YouTube channel, JameliaDotCom and I’m kicking things off with a highly requested, Afro Hair Series. Anyone who knows me, or follows me on social media, will know that hair has been my passion for as long as I can remember. This obsession of mine has been amplified since returning to my naturally textured Afro after 15 years.

Being in front of the camera during my transitioning period was a huge learning curve for me. The varying attitudes towards natural hair have been truly eye-opening.

In my first video of this series, I discuss both good & bad experiences, that have helped to shape this journey.

I speak about how I solved the problem of being unable to find products that worked for Afro Hair (not curly - AFRO, and yes, there is a difference, I’ll touch on that in my upcoming videos lol), how my daughters' reaction to my natural hair differed from my own, the time a TV show told me to relax my hair - repeatedly and I reveal my own hair goals.

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Episode 1 in My Afro Hair Series begins today, at 6pm GMT here.