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Each week, I send my subscribers bonus content. You may have subscribed after some of this content was previously sent out, so I have created an exclusive area in which you can download the bonus content you may have missed.


Exclusive Blog Post

This blog post was on the '5 Things to Consider Before doing the Big Chop', although this post is now up on my website, it was sent out exclusively to subscribers before anyone else. The design is also exclusive to subscribers.

Product List

A clickable list of all ingredients to make your very oen products as mentioned in episode 3 of my Afro Hair Series - My Afro Hair Products (With Recipes). 

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Essential Tools Thumbnail.png

essential tools list

A clickable list of all items mentioned in episode 2 of my Afro Hair Series - Essential Tools for Afro Hair. All links take you directly to amazon where you can purchase immediately.


Your personal schedule for my Afro Hair Series. Detailing dates, times, and subject of each episode! 

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