Each month I’ll share with you a list of my favourite things, enjoy! xx




‘Hey, Girl.’ is a self-care centred podcast presented by Alex Elle. Each episode she sits down with a fantastic wellness expert offering life advice through story telling and sisterhood. Alex’s delivery is both insightful and soothing. I highly recommend you get involved in this one! Listen Here



The ‘Forever first lady’ of the United States has released her second book. An autobiographical masterpiece. Full of honesty, openness and vulnerability. A book i shall pass down and around my circle of phenomenal women. My husband bought this for me the moment it came out, and this is why he is bae lol xx

Get your copy of ‘Becoming’ here.

Beale street


So, i have to be honest. I still haven’t watched “If Beale Street Could Talk'“ , but from the glorious trailer alone I was in awe. Not to mention the fact that my Auntie in my head, Ms Regina King, won a whole oscar for her performance in it. You also know i’m here for all of the beautiful imagery of black people wearing natural hair, and in a love story at that!

I’ll update this when I do watch it - I’m so excited!!

Out now!!



As i’ve said on many an occasion, my greatest accolade and most important role is that of a mother. Spaces in which I get to connect with other mothers are among my favourite, therefore I am SOOO looking forward to being a part of “Pregnant then Screwed Live” as both a speaker and listener. At this event, there will be a fantastically diverse array of mothers taking up space, sharing and giving advice on Mental health, Entrepeneurship, Relationships and more! I can’t wait! the last I heard, tickets are still available for what is set to be an incredible event here!



I’m not sure if it’s because of all the sushi I wasn’t allowed to eat when I was pregnant, but I am currently obsessed! We have a Wasabi in Birmingham’s Grand central train station, and I find it almost impossible to pass by without picking up a sushi platter called the Harmony set. Delicious doesn’t even begin to cut it! M&S also stock the set in their food hall, try it out here.



So, this coat is not for the shy or faint hearted. Now while i’m used to being stopped in the street, I have never worn an item of clothing that has gained so much attention. This embellished coat from River Island - Yes, River Island, has the looks of a designer statement piece. And make a statement it most certainly does! This coat is so much more than just a pretty face, for these chilly evenings that we’re so accustomed to - this coat is perfect…feels like being wrapped in a duvet! Worth every penny! Get yours here.

Screenshot 2019-03-15 at 11.34.36.png


My daughters and I literally squealed with delight when we came across Cherelle’s gorgeous cards in Paperchase. Her self-designed cards emblazoned with relatable art from natural hair to jollof rice. We then had the pleasure of bumping into Cherelle at last years BlackGirlFest, and even more squealing ensued! Her cards are funny, relatable and so necessary. Follow @KitschNoir to keep up with the exciting products she has coming, including her awesome Mother’s Day collection which I LOOOOOVE and have already bought one for my Mum ❤️

Untitled_Artwork 77.png


I have a tattoo on my arm with the words “Magic Girlz” , this is how i’ve always described my daughters and the title has always applied. I was so proud of them when they came to me with this business idea, and I have put everything into helping them to make it happen and turning their ideas into reality. I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported them so far, they get so chuffed when the orders come in!



I am absolutely celebrating my Magic Girlz. I’m incredibly proud of them and their business launch and will continue to do everything I can to help them with it! A company dedicated to empowering and validating girls like them, i’m so proud! My Magic Girlz are about to take over the world!! 💛💛💛